Monday, 27 May 2019

One of the many perks of what we do - smiling

We’re always putting up pictures of the dogs we work with after their therapy session where they are wearing big fat smiles.  But one of the many perks of what we do is that we get to smile too – a lot. Chris was over at Harry’s yesterday ( ) where Molly was staying for a long weekend. Both are AchyPaw maintenance dogs and both were due a therapy session.

As ever, the dog not being treated at that moment slept happily picking up the calmness of the other. And in this case, young Whoopi grabbed some chill vibes too and fell asleep although she was not even being treated. 

At the end, they all came up for their treats. First the two who had their massage and then Whoopi got in the mix too. Looking down at the three faces resulted in……a big grin from Chris. #bestmedicineever #dogsmakeyousmile 

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