Tuesday, 13 November 2018

"Not bad for an old boy"

It’s always encouraging to see how dogs we’ve worked with are progressing with their mobility many months later. 

I visited 12 year old Corkie and his Dad on New Year’s Eve 2017. At that time Corkie had recently been diagnosed as arthritic and his Dad wanted to learn how to help him manage his condition. I then met them again this summer when his Dad organised the Senior Dog Massage training day in St Leonards.

He recently recommended us to Bailey’s Mum after which I wrote a letter of thanks. 

He replied “Happy to hear you had a good session with Bailey, there are definitely a few old dogs round here who are moving a bit better these days”. He told me that they had recently been on holiday and sent me a few pictures. He added “Not bad for an old boy!” 

These pictures say everything. Well done Corkie’s Dad.

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