Saturday, 21 July 2018

It's the little things.......

Today was Double Therapist Saturday again. 

Second visit to Harry and Lou. Harry is (was) an anxious boy. He can be touch reactive which could make physical therapy challenging. But on his first session he chose Chris and allowed him to do all sorts with his back. Noticeable physical change at the end of that hour. 

Session two today and no signs of reluctance or anxiety. We were greeted by minimal barks. Chris sat on the floor. Harry sat straight in his lap. Lou had already chosen me as hers for the day. 

 This time, Harry’s back fell into place so much quicker. And he even opened his chest allowing Chris to get to those tight pecs.

 After 45 minutes, Harry walked away for a drink and a wee. Then came back. He slowly sidled up to Chris and gently, deliberately, tenderly put his paw on Chris’s leg. We’d all stopped breathing with the touching movement and then our eyes misted up! That was such a trusting thing for Harry to do. It was an “Ok. You’re a good guy. You can carry on now”. 

Take it from me…’s awesome massaging with misty eyes and a lump in your throat. 

Such a little thing. But such an enormous breakthrough for Harry. 


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