Monday, 26 February 2018

Multifaceted therapy for dogs

Meet Laura – or “Hugo’s in lurve” 

Not a dog this time, but a fellow practitioner. Laura is one of Elizabeth Whiter’s Healing Animal Organisation’s graduates ( who attended the HAOK9 Relax Level 1 Diploma module that we’ve written and delivered specially for the HAO. She’s coming along to the Level 2 diploma in a few weeks and wanted to shadow me before then. 

I thought that the Weimaraner brothers of Luther & Hugo would be a good shadow as they’re both very used to physical therapy and, being big boys, have a lot of body to work with. 

As it happens, Hugo decided to pick up a limp on the morning of the session. That meant that instead of Laura just watching, she could use her skills to help Hugo. Hugo is a lovely boy, but his size can be imposing. However, he fell in love with Laura immediately, lying down with his head on her lap, silly grin and closed eyes. 

Using her energy skills as well as hands-on physical therapy, Laura quickly picked up where he wanted some help. Starting lightly, she was soon directed by Hugo how deep she could massage him. He was in bliss. Soppy face throughout, looking up at her with goo goo eyes. 

As I’ve said many times, all the complementary therapies have their place. Mixing and matching these therapies can often be more effective than one at a time. Hugo certainly seemed to believe that was the case. 

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