Thursday, 25 May 2017

Treatment given to the owner and not the dog

Luna is a 12 year old Labrador who had recently been diagnosed with arthritis in her knees and hips. 

Her Mum has made all the recommended house changes such as rugs and soft beds allowing Luna to move around the flat comfortably and rest without placing extra pressure on her joints.

Luna is bilingual as her Mum is Portuguese. When Luna is being awkward she gets told off in Portuguese but when she's being good, she gets praise in English! 

Luna's Mum used to be a paramedic and wanted to know how she could help Luna herself with massage as well as exploring other complementary therapy options. 

I was invited along, not to treat Luna but to help Mum learn a massage routine which would empower her and enable her to provide some much needed relief. Her paramedic training came back quickly and she was a natural with massage once shown how to perform the techniques appropriately.

We discussed the benefits of adding hydrotherapy, laser therapy and acupuncture to the mix. 

Luna is now in Mum's safe and competent hands. Sometimes it is not necessary to treat a dog but give their owner the right tools to help them along.

The next day Luna's Mum wrote back saying :
"Dear Les, thank you so much for your time yesterday.  Cannot thank you enough for the valuable resources you are providing me. I tried some more massage last night. Luna was lively this morning and we even play bit of fetch around the cars."

Good result I reckon

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