Monday, 11 April 2016

Video of a workshop

We put together some of the videos and pictures that were taken over the weekend of our first Relax HAOK9 Massage Level 2 module that we designed and delivered for the Healing Animals Organisation. The video shows the many elements of this course. You can find this video here :

The video starts with the therapists consolidating their new 19 techniques in a full massage routine. You’ll spot some effleurage, kneading and ear massage. Notice how focussed all the practitioners are during the session. 

After the 1 minute mark there are some stills of passive movements followed by a section on active exercises for recuperation, stimulation, prevention, sports preparation or just fun (for both dog and owner). 

 There are some stills of walking around poles to promote balance and symmetry followed by some videos. Notice how all sizes and ages of dogs can take part and not only benefit but also enjoy these activities. At the 1.40 mark you’ll see how even the tiniest dog, with a bit of imagination and the use of an everyday object you might find in the house or shed, can participate so they’re not left out. 

The exercises are designed to restore confidence and movement and enhance front and rear end awareness. They can be used for any dog, not just those with a known issue. 

After the 3.10 mark, there is the clear effect of a lymphatic drainage massage routine which the practitioners learned over the weekend. Convinced now about the benefits of canine massage? 

These dogs certainly are! 

Other canine massage videos can be found on our AchyPaw YouTube channel here : 

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