Monday, 23 March 2015

Another workshop on How to Massage your own Dog @ Paws, Play & Stay

It's all in the face!
On Saturday 21st March we held our second workshop on How to Massage your own Dog @ Paws, Play & Stay in Rustington. Once again we had some lovely dogs and a very enjoyable time. 

We started with the infamous 'Muscle Game'. Despite considerable exchange of ideas, muscles were placed in very strange parts of the body. 

Skye, the Husky Malamute, came again with another of her owners, came in, saw us, and lay down as though to say "It's sleepy time again". She even helped her owner with the 'mucles game' and then gave him a a helping leg later on when he was practising the wringing techniques (see pictures). Her owner wrote to me later saying "Skye didn't move much all day! She was so totally chilled". She also wrote "I gave our other dog a massage on Friday as he has been misbehaving and barking at everyone. On Saturday we had a much better behaved dog that didn't bark at anyone! I might bring him for the follow up". 

"The muscles go here Dad"

"Oh...yes please"

Also in the group was a puppy Husky who was very excitable at the start. But once his owner performed the rhythmic horizontal and vertical wringing move, he lay flat down with the biggest grin on his face. He even gave a great stretch which allowed his owner to really work on his muscles. We always say that not all dogs like all moves, but to keep trying as suddenly you will find the one that they love. That was clearly Ziggy's favourite. 

"I'll give you my best stretch Dad"

​This time we also had a dog with a shoulder injury, a handsome Boxer. He came in to the group slightly off kilter but at the end, after 3 hours massage, he stood up perfectly in balance. Everything was in the right place. This was a great testimonial how knowing what and how to massage can really make some huge benefits in a relatively short time.
Bruno in a trance with his neck massage

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