Friday, 27 February 2015

Meet Ralph and Auntie Pearl

The handsome Ralph
Lovely Pearl (and Roxy)
I met Ralph and Auntie Pearl for the first time towards the end of last year. Love at first sight for me. They are Sussex Bulldogs which is an interesting breed. Bigger than an English Bulldog (about Rottweiler size I guess) but with a face and limbs more like a Boxer. Extremely sturdy and loving dogs. Their owner once met someone who told her children that "those dogs were not the sort you touched". So the owner said "Its Ok...they are Giant Pugs". That did the trick and the mother let her kids touch them (some muvvers do have 'em!). Trust me...Ralph and Pearl would no more harm anyone than the soppiest dog going. In fact there is a third dog in their household - Roxy, a Jack Russell - who is about 1/10 of their size but rules them both! 

When Ralph was a puppy he had a bad injury to one of his front legs and the elbow never quite set properly splaying his paw out to the side. So he tended to hop and not place pressure on that leg. That led to quite a bit of muscle wastage. Deep tissue massage for an hour helped enormously. 

His Auntie Pearl simply looked 'sad' and on initial palpation I noticed she had a very stiff neck. So she received deep tissue work there. At the end of her treatment she stood up and looked around the room - first time she had done that in a while without actually shuffling her bottom around. 

Their owner has been massaging them both ever since but three months later and I am called round to give them a maintenance top up treatment. I didn't even have time to get my red massage mat on the floor before Ralph was on it. He almost jumped through my car windows to get on his special mat. The pictures show his contentment. Now this is a dog who had only seen me once before three months ago but knew "Oh yes...this is the massage therapy doctor. I'm having that mat NOW". 

Ralph with a big smile
When I had done treating him I tried to move over to Auntie Pearl but Ralph was having none of that..."Erm...excuse me Dr are MINE". So I had to massage his Auntie with him between my legs. 
Ralph pushing Pearl out of the way so he can have more more more...
 Some while later and shuffling between massaging one then the other and it was time to leave. But Ralph was not having any of that either. He sat completely blocking the front door so I couldn't open it...."Erm...Dr Les....I told you. You are MINE". 

The temptation of tripe won him over and I was able to sneak out. I bet he is still looking for me. 

Big scary dogs? Big soppy softies more like! I am looking forward to catching up with my bullie snogs in a few months.

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