Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sometimes it is not just the dog you go to treat who needs help

As I wrote in my last post, I received a vet referral to go and help a couple of senior dogs. Sadly Harry could not fight his kidney failure and passed at the end of last week. His owner called me to say that the sessions I gave him during his final days were so very helpful to him. Each time she could see he was totally relaxed and without the pain of muscle and joint aches and strains. It also empowered her to be able to give him some massage rather than just waiting and watching for the inevitable. 

Whenever I went round to help Harry, his sister would sit with me, right by her brother. I ended up with one handed massage on Harry and one handed massage on Tanya. 

And sometimes even one of the five cats got involved in the session. 

Earlier this week we went round to see the owner. Tanya had been missing her brother immensely and had not barked or played since. While I was chatting to the owner (in fact we were looking at photos on Facebook of Portuguese rescue dogs for her to adopt) Chris sat with Tanya quietly giving her some Reiki. He also worked calmly on their other dog who is very excitable. 

The next day I received another call from the owner asking if Chris could come back to offer more Reiki as Tanya seemed a lot happier. She was back to barking at the postman (!) and eating more. 

I’m not sure if the cat is next but it is heart warming how sometimes it is not just the dog you go to treat who needs help.

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